Kellie Blogs.

I’m not interested in health fads, 101 things that go well with guacamole and teeny portions.

I’m all about finding magical restaurants that somehow exist in the middle of a dreary city, steak as big as an eager outstretched hand, fancy 2-4-1 cocktails that I’ll later struggle to replicate at parties, cake that’s actually worth ditching the diet for and the best places to go in Birmingham when you’re skint but fancy eating like it’s payday all over again.

I’ll be writing about my excursions, escapades and well, food, mainly. There’s always something going on in Birmingham so I’ll be happily ambling about, looking for hidden gems and more importantly, the best cocktails in town.

Personal beliefs

  • Almost everything can be made better with bacon.
  • It’s always noon somewhere!

If you feel like I’m missing a trick or there’s something in particular that you’d like me to review, head over to the contact page and get in touch!