But what about BACON?!

Rounds of bacon sandwiches are order of the day whenever anybody pops in for a visit and you can guarantee that every meal cooked in our house is based around a glorious protein. Sure, we eat veg but let’s face it, it’s just never the star attraction. Our meat has to come from somewhere but it’s easy to tell ourselves that that place is Tesco and that the beef in front of us was never anything other than a steak.

I’m never going to be a happy, life-long vegetarian but I can’t pretend that the farming practises in the UK are always ethical and humane either. By attempting to go meat-free for January, I’m hoping to expand my culinary choices so that I rely less on meat in future. Hoping to learn lots of new, satisfying ways to prepare lentils and quinoa but I may be more inclined to spend the entire month desperately necking Moscato wine and Quavers instead.

The rules are simple – absolutely no meat or fish until February. I’ve permitting myself a prearranged meal for my father’s birthday as a sole exception but will be sticking to this faithfully other than that. I can eat products such as milk and cheese but I’ll be trying to cut down and replace with vegan alternatives. I considered #veganuary but after much thought, I decided that this way had the best chance of success. Maybe next year!

So, I’ll keep you all updated on how I find this month as an avid meat eater and my take on the vegetarian alternatives on offer in the UK. Any suggestions and tips gratefully recieved, especially satisfying meat alternatives that may help me stay on track. Anyone else taking part in similar challenges over January, give me a shout and let me know how you’re getting on!


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